Design Process


9 thoughts on “Design Process

  1. As a member of the Speedway Trails Association (STA), we have been discussing the Indy Greenways 10-Year Plan for some time. I am in complete support of the proposal that B. Katterhenry submitted to you. STA hopes that in some way Speedway Trails can work in conjunction with other organizations to complete the trails in Speedway as an enhancement to Mayor Ballard’s overall plan of connectivity and economic growth to the west side of Indianapolis.

  2. As a Speedway resident and avid walker, I would love to see the old railroad bed between the West side and downtown areas converted to a trail which could eventually connect to the cultural trail. Also, I & my family frequently use the portion of Speedway trails that runs along the river levey, it would be wonderful to see this trail futher developed in Speedway to extend both North & South.

  3. I am a mom of two and a member of St. Christopher Catholic Church. We enjoy the Speedway parks and have recently started to enjoy the trails as well. Our family would be in support of the proposal that has been submitted to connect the trails already in use in Clermont and Brownsburg. We hope that those that guide this effort will consider how many families will benefit from this enhancement and what it could do to connecting entire communities on the west side.

  4. Please include speedway trails in your Indy greenway master plan, we need trails to connect from west side to downtown. I support the Speedway Trails Association.

  5. As a resident of Speedway since 1996 I have seen a tremendous change in the community toward the support of trails. Speedway is awake to the benefits trails bring.The Speedway Trail Association’s plan reflects the hope of Speedway residents. Please place it at the top of your list !

  6. As a resident of the west side, I would like to see this portion developed quickly. The north and east side of Indy have trails that connect but the west side needs to catch up. It would be nice to travel to downtown by bike to visit the zoo and museums. Please put trails on the west side of Indy and Hendricks county first on the list.

  7. Our family is in support of continued development and recommendations made by the Speedway Trails Association and encourage the connections Speedway can make with Indianapolis, Eagle Creek, Clermont and Hendricks County, etc.!!

  8. As a resident of Hendricks County, I work in Pike Township. I used to live in Pike Township as well. The trail system in and around Eagle Creek Park offers a great deal to that area. The trails within the Town of Speedway and the downtown Cultural Trail offer much to those areas as well. When you also consider the efforts within Hendricks Couinty on the B&O Trail, connecting these various areas ought to be primary goal of the Indy Greenways Master Plan. This will enable more people in and around the city to enjoy all of these trail systems. Connecting Speedway to Downtown ought to be.the first step Then connecting Eagle Creek to Speedway and makng the B&O a main west side trail artery ought to fall in a close second.

  9. As a Speedway resident and member of the Speedway Trails Association, I support the Speedway Trails Association’s plan to connect Speedway trails to the Downtown Cultural Trail. I feel it ought to be one of the first steps in the Indy Greenways Master Plan as it will be a major part towards linking up with the BOTA Trail to the west.

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