What is a Greenways Master Plan?

The master plan is a document that helps to clearly identify costs and priorities for the development of the greenway segments.  Driven by public engagement, it provides an opportunity for the City to understand the desires of residents and to align appropriate funding with those priorities.  The Greenways Master Plan will look at the City’s trail and greenway system and identify critical issues, needs, improvements to the existing system and new trail development.  It will outline priorities for improvement and implementation over the next ten years.

How long is the planning effort?

The Master Plan is a 12-month planning process.  The first portion of the project deals with the existing system and issues associated with the greenways.  It also includes a public input component to discuss the existing system as well as future needs.  The second portion of the project will identify improvements and additions to the system. The plan will be complete by October 2013.

How will this study tie into the other City initiatives?

The greenways master planning effort will look at how the greenway system coordinates and works with many of the other initiatives in Indianapolis including the on-street bicycle lane network, public transit, waterways, neighborhood centers, and areas for potential redevelopment.  The plan will examine how the greenways can best compliment many of these efforts and be part of an overall unified system of bicycle and pedestrian connectivity in the City.

Will this plan identify new trail and greenway development?

Yes, this plan will identify areas where new trail development can expand the existing network of trails and provide access to a greater number of Indianapolis residents. It may also suggest new connections to other portions of the bicycle and pedestrian network, new facility development, or other trail-related improvements needed for the system.

How long will it take to get new trails developed?

The master plan will identify new trail segments, costs, and priorities for development over the next ten years including short-term implementation as well as long-term goals.

How can I be involved in the planning process?

There are many ways to be involved with the project.  Get updates, view project materials, and provide input on the project website. Visit the project Facebook page for current news, announcements, and to take part in the ongoing dialogue on greenway issues.  A user survey has being developed to get input from users on many of the issues facing the Indy Greenways systemStop by the project office and talk to project planners. The office is located at Boulevard Station, the former rail depot at the intersection of the Monon Trail and 38th Street and is open on Wednesdays from 8:30-4:30.  You can also attend the public meetings.  A series of public meetings will be occurring early in 2012 to collect input from the public.


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